Helping Victims of Domestic Abuse & Violence

Helping Victims of Domestic Abuse & Violence

As you know, abuse and violence don't just take place in parts of the world where war is a way of life. They can be a way of life for your next door neighbor (and you might not even know it). Shelters for abused women and children abound, and thankfully so, and there is very likely one not far from you.

10 Million Clicks For Peace is empowering you to help the victims of domestic abuse and violence in your community who have been forced to flee to these safe havens. Here's how you can now help...

  • You can send a gorgeous, FREE inspirational poster to the shelter of your choice (or we can choose a good home for it), or

  • If want a poster for yourself and you upgrade your order to a 3-poster pack, an art print, or a framed poster, an inspirational poster will be added to your own order that we'll send to the shelter of your choice. (Again, we can choose for you if you like.) Or...

  • You can simply get a FREE poster for yourself* (but we encourage you to order an extra poster to be donated to a shelter).

*If you choose just a FREE poster for yourself, a war refugee will be helped, but a shelter will not.

If you want to select a women's shelter in your community you can open the Yellow Pages and look under "Social and Human Services" (Or do a Google search). Then, enter the shelter's name and address (below yours) on the order form. The zip/postal code can usually be found in a section of the Yellow Pages.

You have the option of remaining anonymous, or letting them know you sent the inspiring poster! You can even choose to drop this poster off personally by asking that the poster be sent directly to you. On the other hand, if you just want to help where it's needed most, 10 Million Clicks For Peace can choose a great facility on your behalf.

What a wonderful way to create peace in the world, peace at home, and peace in your community!

Please click the link below and get your poster right now.

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